Covid-19 Update

Since the beginning of the public health threat we have been working to ensure that here at ACE Tints & Wraps we have followed and continue to follow government guidelines closely and have implemented changes to ensure the safety of our staff and customers at all times.

We wanted to let you know that we are planning to remain open as long as it is safely possible do so. In order to reduce the risk of exposure as much as possible we have implemented the following:

  • Contact with customers be limited to calls or e-mails where possible.
  • Vehicles are dropped off and picked up with no one staying on the premises longer than is necessary.
  • Keys should be left on the table in reception, you will be able to pick them up here after the work is complete.
  • We ask that all payments be paid via bank transfer or SumUp, we can send a link to your phone to avoid the use of card readers.
  • While working on your vehicle we will wear protective gloves throughout.
  • We are following government handwashing guidelines.
  • We are regularly cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces.

We would like to ask any high-risk customers to think about rescheduling their appointment.

Thank you for your support during these difficult times and we wish good health to everyone. Let’s get through this and look forward to more positive times ahead.