Additional Services


For maintenance between details or just regular maintenance of your vehicle, our expertly designed valet services use only the best chemicals and techniques to ensure your vehicle is maintained to the highest standards, with extra care to avoid paint defects being introduced during the washing/drying process.

Painting Service

We can provide a painting service while your car is booked in with us. Alloy wheels, Wing mirrors, spoilers, splitters, chromes etc can all be painted and must be booked minimum 2 weeks in advance as this is outsourced.

We also offer a Caliper painting  service, your vehicle would need to be left with us for at least 24 hours when booking this service.

Headlight Restoration

By wet sanding the headlights starting with a coarse grade working our way to a fine grade, we are able to remove UV damage, swirls and scuffs, restoring optical clarity. The headlights are then polished to restore gloss levels. Finally we apply a UV protective coating to seal & protect the headlights in the form of wax, with the option to upgrade to a ceramic coat.

Wrap/Graphics removal

We can remove all forms of vinyls including full wraps and vehicle signage. Using heat to remove the vinyls reduces the amount of residue left behind, we then use dedicated cleaners to remove any remaining adhesive.

Convertible roof restoration

Through years of neglect convertible roofs can discolour and age. Using specialised cleaning products we can remove mould and trapped dirt bringing the roof to its former glory. We then use a specialised fabric sealant to preserve the hood, this offers fantastic water repellency and provides a layer of protection against dirt and mould.

Severely sun damaged and discoloured fabric roofs may need re-coloured to fully restore to factory standards.