Enhancement Detail

Our Enhancement Detail is the perfect package for vehicles with light paintwork defects such as swirls.

This package is designed to restore gloss and clarity back into your paintwork by simply removing swirls and minor surface defects using a single stage machine polish containing mild abrasives.

​We would recommend this package for new cars, cars with near perfect paintwork and for preparing your car for resale.

Our Enhancement Detail Includes:

Cleaning Stage

  • Citrus Pre wash
  • Initial rinse
  • Ph Neutral snow foam applied and left to dwell
  • Vehicle safely washed with the 2 bucket method (cyclone grit guards used)
  • Door shuts, badges and panel gaps deep cleaned
  • Paintwork chemically decontaminated and clay treated to remove remaining bonded contaminants
  • Wheels removed & deep cleaned
  • Exhaust chemically cleaned
  • Wheel arch and brake calipers degreased & deep cleaned

Enhancement Stage

  • ​Single stage paint enhancing polish to remove light scratches.

Protection Stage

  • IGL Coatings Premier Water Based Polysiloxane Sealant (3-6 months durability)
  • Exterior glass polished & coated with HDD Hydrology Glass Sealant (6-9 months durability)
  • Tyres dressed
  • Exhaust tips hand polished

Duration – Approx 18 to 24 hours

Prices range from £275

Available Upgrades Include:

  • Alloy Wheels Ceramic Coated (1-2 years durability) – From £100
  • Paintwork IGL Poly Ceramic Coated (1 year durability) – From £125
  • Glass Ceramic Coating (9-12 months durability) – From £35