New Car Detail

Why wouldn’t you want to protect what, for most people, could be the second largest investment you make in your life. Fully protecting your brand new vehicle from the point of collection will not only help retain its value but will also make your life easier with the ease of cleaning. This package will keep your investment looking ACE for years to come!

When collecting your brand new car you would expect the paintwork to be flawless, unfortunately this is not always the case due to numerous factors, lack of training and time restrictions at the dealership for example. At ACE our New Car Protection Detail will leave your vehicle looking the way it should have looked on collection, usually for less than the dealership protection packages on offer.

Recommendation: Suited for new cars (Less than 1500 miles) or cars with near perfect paintwork only.

Our New Car Detail Package Includes:

Cleaning Stage

  • Engine bay degreased
  • Citrus Pre wash
  • Initial rinse
  • Ph Neutral snow foam applied and left to dwell
  • Vehicle safely washed with the 2 bucket method (cyclone grit guards used)
  • Door shuts, badges and panel gaps deep cleaned
  • Paintwork chemically decontaminated and clay treated to remove remaining bonded contaminants
  • Wheels removed & deep cleaned
  • Exhaust chemically cleaned
  • Wheel arch and brake calipers degreased & deep cleaned

Enhancement Stage

  • Single stage paint enhancing polish to remove swirls and boost/restore gloss.

Protection Stage

  • IGL Quartz Ceramic Coating (18 – 24 months durability)
  • Exterior glass decontaminated, hand polished and coated with Carbon Collective Platinum Glass Coating (9-12 months durability)
  • Alloy Wheels coated with IGL Wheel Ceramic (1 – 2 years durability)
  • Tyres dressed
  • Engine bay plastic mouldings dressed
  • Head/tail lights ceramic coated
  • Exhaust tips hand polished and coated

Interior Stage

  • Interior vacuum
  • Dash – Door Cards – Centre Console cleansed
  • Glass cleaned

Duration – Approx 24 to 36 hours

Prices range from £425