Paint Correction

Introducing our multi-stage machine correction detail to eliminate more severe paint defects such as heavy swirls, random deep scratches, oxidation, chemical and bird droppings/etching

First up is the cutting stage, using a cutting compound containing abrasives which is designed to eliminate paint defects whilst conserving a healthy clear coat depth, we then have the refining stage, using a mild polishing combination we will further refine and jewel the paintwork to a deep high gloss finish.

Our Paint Correction Package Includes:

Cleaning Stage

  • Engine bay degreased
  • Citrus Pre wash
  • Initial rinse
  • Ph Neutral snow foam applied and left to dwell
  • Vehicle safely washed with the 2 bucket method (cyclone grit guards)
  • Fuel flap, door shuts, badges and panel gaps cleaned
  • Paintwork chemically decontaminated and clay treated to remove remaining bonded contaminants
  • Wheels removed & deep cleaned
  • Wheel arch and brake calipers degreased and deep cleaned

Enhancement Stage

  • ​Defect report and paint depth readings recorded
  • Heavy cut paint correction to remove swirls, marring, bird droppings & moderate scratches
  • Refining stage machine polish to restore the gloss & depth into the corrected paint

Protection Stage

  • Paintwork coated in IGL Coatings Quartz (2 year durability)
  • Wheels coated in IGL Coatings Wheel Ceramic (1 year durability)
  • Exterior glass cleaned & clay treated
  • Glass coated in Carbon Collective Platinum Coating (9-12 months durability)
  • Tyres dressed
  • Exhaust tips hand polished & coated

Duration – Approx 24 to 36 hours

Prices range from £575

Available Upgrades Include:

  • IGL Coatings Quartz+ (3 year durability) £250
  • SEI Ceramic Coating (5 year durability) £300
  • TAC Systems Rain Coat Glass Coating (1 year coating)