Paint Protection Films

Hexis BodyFence film is made from a tough, optically clear, flexible, self-healing, polyurethane film. It can be applied to any painted surface requiring protection from weathering, stone chips and light scratches. Your vehicle will undergo a full visual inspection on arrival and again after being washed/decontaminated to identify any minor swirls or imperfections that may require machine correction prior to installation.

The film can be supplied in pre-cut kits, meaning there is no need for cutting on the vehicle, this gives a flawless & virtually invisible finish.

Amongst many other benefits, the film is UV stable. This allows the Sun’s UV rays to pass through the film and fade the paintwork at the same rate as exposed paintwork. PPF is a great investment, maximising re-sale value and helping to keep your vehicle’s paint in immaculate condition for years to come.